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When Bill & Bonnie Smith acquired a piece of property in Bolton Landing, NY, overlooking Lake George, they designed a 3800-square-foot home to take advantage of the view. When it was time to build, they entrusted the project to Glenn Dougherty of Jilcon Development. The following is an unsolicited testimonial from Bill:

Glenn has done so much for us above and beyond what might normally be expected of a G.C. that I felt compelled to write this testimonial.

If I had to sum up Glenn's way of doing business in one statement, I would have to say that he has taken this project personally - as if it were his own house.

From this approach, many good things have come.

Quality: Glenn only knows one way to do things - the right way. He seems incapable of cutting corners. This is evident in the decisions he makes, how he hires and directs subcontractors and quality assures their work. On a project like this, there are many opportunities to take the easy way out (especially on things that will be hidden). Glenn just won't do it. That takes a tremendous burden off of me in not having to worry if things are getting done right.

This philosophy doesn't only apply to structural implementation. Glenn really "gets it" in terms of the "feel" we are going for in the house and understands what aesthetic features are really important. He has been a great advisor in terms of protecting those features in budget discussions and even looking for ways of making them even better.

Value: Glenn's commitment to quality does not mean runaway costs. While some of the improvements that he suggested came with a cost, many did not (and some he absorbed). For those that had an associated cost, his experience allowed him to structure the conversations so I clearly understood the options, costs and benefits. At the same time, he kept looking for cost savings that did not have an impact on structural integrity, overall feel etc. Glenn has been in this business for a long time and this ability to truly value engineer without cutting the wrong corners really showcases his experience. Conversations like this have the potential to be unpleasant. But Glenn's clarity, expertise and trustworthiness made them swift and painless.

Advocacy: Glenn does not only look for value in design and procurement decisions; he pushes very hard for value from the subcontractors he hires. If he doesn't like a price quote, he will leave no stone unturned until he finds a fair price. It is obvious this puts more of a burden on him but he won't have it any other way. He has negotiated hard on my behalf and that has kept costs down.

Flexibility: As I came up with my own custom requirements (such as special wiring plans, special materials etc.), Glenn was very responsive in accommodating them in the plan and schedule. He was willing to acquire all the materials, but also to work with me if I had a preference toward getting some things myself.

Commitment: Glenn will do what it takes to get the job done - and takes it personally while doing it. Saying that he "rolls up his sleeves" is an understatement. If he needs to get in there and fill a dumpster or shovel dirt, he will do so - whether it is to move the job along or to save some cost. He has a tremendous work ethic. And I admire that in people.

--Bill Smith,
Bolton Landing, NY